Aula 1 Leavis, The Living Principle

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5 Responses to Aula 1 Leavis, The Living Principle

  1. Sylvio Claudio Oliveira de Carvalho

    Dear Margarita,
    I started this lesson yesterday, and ended it today. This is a very good lesson, I’ve loved it! Thank you and prof. Olavo for this great idea!

    I’d like to clear some part of the text. When Mr. Leavis says: “Just how it will strike and take and develop, as it must if there is to be a human future, one can’t forsee”, I didn’t really understand the function of this term: as it must. Could you explain to me?

  2. Bruno Bottino Silva

    How long should I wait to watch the video or listening the sound?

    • Editor

      Usually there are a few silent minutes at the beginning of each lesson because Alessandro was getting everything set up. By the time I am teaching, the sound should be on!

  3. Julio Sousa

    I am starting the lesson today and I have very difficult understand.
    It is normal?

    • Editor

      Yes, it is normal. This is the HARDEST class I ever taught. But if you stick with it, you will improve A LOT!!!!! Good luck!