Aula 34 Leavis, The Living Principle (Short)

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3 Responses to Aula 34 Leavis, The Living Principle (Short)

  1. Luciana Souza

    God bless you too.
    Thanks for everything.
    It’s a pity class number 5 is gone forever.
    The course is almost complete but classes number 34, 35, 38, 39 and 46 still have problems.
    Class 46 has no download and the others are incomplete.
    class 34 has only 9,55 minutes
    class 35 – 20,45 min
    class 38 – 35,18 min,
    class 39 – 3,23 min
    class 41 – 4,26 min
    class 46 – no download.
    Thanks for everything and as we say in Brazil – Kisses. Bye Bye.

  2. Luciana Souza

    Hi Margarita. How are you?
    From aula 34 to aula 48 there is no more videos, and also the class number 5 is missing.
    Is it possible to help me?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Editor

      Class # 5 got corrupted and is gone forever :( but I just went in and updated all the rest of the lessons to have new mp4 video files. God bless!