Introduction to “FAST START in Languages”

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4 Responses to Introduction to “FAST START in Languages”

  1. Sylvio Claudio Oliveira de Carvalho

    Dear Margarita,

    I’ve found in your web site informations about a course using the EGU from Raymond Murphy, But instead I found it here, after my subscrition, I’ve found this one, “Fast Start in Languages”. Where is the package about EGU lessons?
    Another question: I’ve appreciate this “Fast Start in Languages” as well, but I’d like attend both, it would be possible? Thanks!

    • Editor

      English Grammar in Use (EGU) is the basis of the Grammar Track course. It is possible to get the lessons from the beginning by purchasing the Packages beginning with Module 1. We are providing Fast Start in Language as an alternative to EGU during my sabbatical. Thanks!

  2. Laudelino Lima

    The Margarita┬┤s voice, is perfect !