Ancient Mythology

This course is taught by Michelle Noyes, the 22 year old daughter of Professor Margarita.  Michelle learned ancient mythology as she washed dishes and did housework as a small home-schooled child.  Her mom, Professor Margarita, was concerned that she sat around listening to tapes of literature all the time, so she made a rule, little Michelle could only listen to tapes while doing housework.  The result was a clean house, and a very well educated little girl.  Buy this course and you can see what the child grew up to be!

The course includes retelling of several epic myths, as well as overview classes finding themes and commonalities between myths.  Michelle’s spoken English is clear and easy to understand, and some difficult words and proper names are provided as subtitles, so the second language student can look up the story online in his/her own language.  This is a delightful course, and an opportunity for students to practice their listening with a new native-speaking teacher speaking of a subject she loves.

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