English from Aesop

This is the first in the Deep Learning Series, which helps the student learn naturally through repetitive listening and quick response to interesting interactive material. 

Each lesson consists of 7 files beginning with a video explaining all the English  in  the story.  A Vocabulary Notesheet is provided.  After viewing the video, students have a “Mini-Story” (also called an “ask and tell” lesson)  that recasts the vocabulary and asks the student easy questions which can be answered quickly out loud.  As  you listen and talk back to the mini-story over and over, you gain fluency of listening and speaking very fast.  The Point-Of-View lesson puts the story into Present, Past, and Future, so the student can hear the subtle differences in the sound of the words in each of these tenses.  This makes grammar automatic – it teaches you to recognize and use the grammar without really studying and mastering the forms cognitively.  Pdf’s of the main story, the Mini-Story, and the Point-Of-View lesson are provided as a back up, in case there is something you can’t understand in the lesson.

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