FR Leavis, The Living Principle

This is the first year of the original English for Philosophy Students course.  The students who subscribed to it live found it extremely rewarding.  The idea behind the course was to choose a philosophical text that would be beyond the reading ability of even an advanced English student, and make it accessible by careful reading and commentary.  In actual practice, the language and philosophy were so lofty that even Professor Margarita was stretched to the limit, and she recoursed to regular discussions with Olavo de Carvalho to fully understand what the text meant.  The lessons are a FEAST of advanced language exercise combined with advanced reasoning and philosophical investigation.  Students who persevered through this course reported that the habits of textual analysis they formed improved their performance in all their other academic pursuits.  This is a terrific course for the serious minded student of Philosophy, or just for the advanced English speaker who wants to really refine his upper level reading skill while thinking through ultimate issues in Philosophy.

The course consists of 48 lessons, of approximately 2 hours each.  These lessons cover most of the first chapter of the book, The Living Principle: English as a Discipline of Thought, by F. R. Leavis.

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