King David

The students in the ESL Immersion Program were studying Shakespeare in my living room, and reference was made to the “divine right of kings,” which is a medieval concept that originated largely from the story of King David, in the Bible.  In our discussion it became clear that very few of the students KNEW the story of King David … hence this course.

Originally King David was broadcast through English for Philosophy Students Course, but it is not difficult to understand -it is at the same level as the Intermediate Level English for Philosophy Students package The TRUE Story of Christmas.  Both of these packages are studies of the primary text of the Bible.  If you like them, Professor Margarita would dearly love to teach some more Bible stories this way – just let her know and she will go wild (Bible is her favorite source for story-based lessons.)

If you don’t know the true and inspiring story of the life of King David, from the Bible, here this is the package for you!

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