The TRUE Story of Christmas

Santa Claus?  Papa Noel?  Presents under a tree?  Presents in a stocking or a shoe?  Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men?  What is the TRUE story of Christmas?

Find out by studying the primary document that tells what really happened.

Originally The TRUE Story of Christmas was taught as part of the  Intermediate Level English for Philosophy Students course.  It was the first of the Bible Stories and Greek Myths series.  If you like it, you might want to try King David, which is a similar study of the life of the Greatest King Israel ever had, or Ancient Mythology, both of which were part of the English for Philosophy Students course.

By the way…

Professor Margarita is just waiting for an invitation to teach some more Bible Stories.  Would you like to know what happened before time began to be recorded?  Ask for a class on Origins.  How about a series about the Great Men of God from the Old and New Testament?  Or would you like to know about Godly WomenMiraclesProphecy in the Bible?  Just ask!!!  These are topic Professor Margarita would love to teach if there is sufficient interest – just let her know and she will get moving on it.  The Bible is her favorite source for literature-based lessons.

These 4 classes examine the history around the birth of Jesus Christ.

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