English for Philosophy Students Series

How It Began

This course began as a companion to Olavo de Carvalho’s online Philosophy Seminar, with the lessons that are now available in the “FR Leavis, The Living Principle” Package. Olavo wanted his students to learn to read high-level texts in English, so he asked Margarita to lead them through The Living Principle to teach them to read slowly. After that, we continued with many different types of texts, always reading slowly, and making sure we understood everything before proceeding. This is Olavo’s way, and we have all benefited greatly from it.

After wrestling with The Living Principle for a year (2010), we tried to make it easier by switching to Bible stories (King David) and Greek Myths (English from Aesop, and Ancient Mythology, taught by Michelle Noyes, Margarita’s daughter.) Finally, at Olavo’s suggestion, we decided to study The Practical Imagination, an anthology of English literature edited by Northrop Frye.

Eventually, there were more books Olavo wanted us to read, so we moved to other titles. Today we still study books chosen by Olavo.

About This Series

This is the most advanced series offered by Lessons OnLine. You may prefer to sign up for the Intermediate or Grammar Track series if you find this one too challenging.

Course Packages

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