About Lessons OnLine

Lessons OnLine gives students the opportunity to take high quality classes in easy-to-understand English from a native-speaking teacher without expensive travel and tuition costs.

Margarita Noyes is a Master English teacher with decades of experience teaching internationals, and her classes provide a warm and accessible conversation in English for students that appreciate good literature, conservative values, and interesting themes.

Even advanced English students usually have trouble understanding native English, but Margarita is easy to understand for internationals.  Her English is fluent, but clear and carefully paced so students have a chance to understand.  Also, she teaches about interesting topics IN ENGLISH, rather than teaching ABOUT ENGLISH itself.  This way the students are USING ENGLISH to study something else in their classes.  This is the best way to learn a language – you learn by using it.

Most of the classes are based upon books.

The first book taught was The Living Principle, by F.R.Leavis.  It taught the students advanced techniques of textual analysis while reading a fascinating book of philosophy.  The original course, English for Philosophy Students, and this first book, were both suggested by Olavo de Carvalho, who wanted his students to gain access to the ideas of Leavis, but the material was only available in difficult-to-understand English. The package of these classes is available for sale now.

Based on student feedback, the second set of packages were created, The Practical Imagination Chapter 1, and The Practical Imagination Chapter 2.  This study enables students to begin with easy English literature and work their way up, from simple to complex, learning about literature while experiencing it.

After that, a variety of kinds of courses were created experimentally – The Wit and Wisdom of C. S. Lewis combined difficult concepts with Portuguese translation by the son and daughter of Olavo de Carvalho.  The result is a delightful discussion of interesting ideas in two languages.  King David and The TRUE Story of Christmas were experiments in Bible study.  Ancient Mythology gave the students a chance to meet Michelle Noyes, Margarita’s 22 year old daughter, and hear her speak about mythology – a subject she loves.  More courses are being created all the time.  Student feedback about what they would like to study is always welcome, and Margarita is very likely to experiment with classes on anything you want to study!

English From Aesop was Margarita’s first attempt at creating “Deep Learning” lessons using the methods developed by A. J. Hoge, of Effortless English.  This approach to learning has proved to be one of the best for intermediate students of English. 

By popular demand, Margarita eventually started an grammar course, which helps students self-study English grammar using Raymond Murphy’s ever popular English Grammar in UseGrammar Track is great because it gives students the LISTENING and SPEAKING that self-study of a language usually lacks.  The Grammar Track is a course which the students can subscribe to.  It is also a group of packages which the student can purchase.

Students can SUBSCRIBE to view all Margarita’s courses, or buy PACKAGES to download one course at a time and learn at their own pace.  The subscription courses become packages in time.